Overwatch Hero Symbols Vinyl Wall Decal/Sticker

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Overwatch Hero Symbols - Wall Decal

Doomfist, Genji, McCree, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier:76, Sombra, Tracer, Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Winston, Zarya, Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra, Zenyatta

Size (approximate) 24" wide x 26" tall

This high quality vinyl is made for indoor use.

Please note that images may not reflect exact size.

- The decals are die cut so there is no background
- We use high quality matte-finish vinyl.
- Easy to install. Our decals come with transfer paper, test decals and application instructions.
- Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface.
- Can be removed easily without leaving any residue. Decals are not re-usable once applied.

Your purchase includes:
- Vinyl wall decal.
- Test decal
- Squeegee
- Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions on how to apply your decal.

Thank you